1956: Don José Puerta Oviedo, founder of Pescapuerta, started out in the profession as a fishing vessel owner.

1964: Launch of the “Ramsés”, the first multi-purpose vessel built directly by the company.

1968: With the construction of the “Alcocero”, the company took its first steps towards building up a freezer fleet.

1970-1980: He gave up the fresh fish market to devote the business to freezer trawlers. With six vessels of its own, Pescapuerta began to be regarded as a benchmark company within the sector. Jurisdictional waters in the main fishing grounds were expanded. The fleet began to fish in the international waters of the United States, Greenland, Canada, Norway, Morocco and Mauritania.

1974: Pescapuerta began to operate in Namibia’s fishing grounds.

1975: Construction of the first large cold store.

1977: Launch of the first freezer trawler, the “Pescavigo Uno”.

1980: Internationalisation of the group, with the creation of the first joint enterprise in Mauritania.

1986: Launch of the “Nuevo Alcocero”, one of Europe’s largest freezer trawlers.

1987: The participation of two of its vessels in Spain’s first scientific expedition to the Antarctic.

1990-2000: The consolidation of the company’s international expansion. With the support of the European Union, the company increased its number of joint enterprises and the export of vessels to third country owners of fisheries resources.

2000-2008: Years of consolidation and sustained growth.

2006: Jose Puerta Prado was appointed Chairman of the Pescapuerta Group, after a long career in several different Group departments.

2009: Acquisition of the Elmar brand.

2011: Pescapuerta becomes a shareholder of Frigoríficos de Oya (Frialia).

2014: Creation of Fortitude Fishing S.L., for the marketing of Cape hake and other species.

2015: Transfer of the central offices to one of the most central streets of Vigo.

2015: Creation of Loligo Seafood S.L., for the marketing of Patagonian squid and other species.

2016: Creation of Pescapuerta Trade, for the marketing of products from different origins.

2017: Participation in Fishing Accelerator, a pioneering project in the sector that connects the most innovative technology from start-ups all over the world, with the business experience and opportunities provided by the sector’s most important companies.