Environmental policy and protection

Environmental policy and medioambiental protection

The Pescapuerta group is committed to protecting the environment, preserving natural resources, waste management, and other environmental issues affected by their activities.

The group has been working for years to minimise its impacts and on effective management of the available resources, as well as applying this principle to the group’s providers.


The group has managed to reduce annual water consumption thanks to the recently implanted measures. The objective is to continue reducing by optimising recycling processes, without affecting product quality and safety, as well as improving the quality of the final discharge.

Materials and packaging

It promotes other actions in its daily activities and among its providers of containers and packaging:

  • Reducing the amount of plastic with proper management of stocks and production
  • Selective management of solid wastes
  • Grupo Pescapuerta is a partner of ECOEMBES

Emissions and climate change

Improving the efficiency of processes and mitigation of climate change, investing in efficient technology with low carbon emissions, participating in national and sectoral programmes on efficient energy systems.

Responsible Fishing

Streamlining of the fishing industry and the commitment to the environment is one of the Group’s strategic pillars. We work ethically, complying with the legal requirements and the international measures regarding fishing, such as minimum sizes, bans and biological recovery and selective fishing techniques to guarantee the preservation of the fishing grounds.