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Pescapuerta, third operator in the frozen seafood products sector.


Alimarket has just published the monograph Frozen Seafood Products, which puts us in third place in the ranking.

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Pescapuerta participates in the Fishing Accelerator Kick-off


On the 4th and 5th of May, Pescapuerta is participating in the Kick-off of the Fishing Accelerator project. Luis Cobas, deputy director of Empresas Participadas, is the person in charge of presenting Pescapuerta to the rest of the guests.

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Interview with Teo de las Llanderas, HR Director in Pescapuerta, in the magazine Equipos&Talento


The magazine Equipos&Talento published a full interview last March with our HR Director, Teo de las Llanderas.

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Pescapuerta is collaborating in the creation of Fishing Accelerator, a new pioneering initiative on a global scale in the fishing sector.


This initiative is driven by Mascato, Opromar, Orpagu, Kaleido Tech and Inxenia Desarrollos Tecnológicos, as well as by Pescapuerta. It is a business accelerator which seeks to attract technology that strengthens all the capacities of the ship owners, transformers and traders.

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