Our Commitment


1- To make and distribute top-quality, healthy products suitable for the needs of our consumers:

  • To consider food quality and safety as key factors for the competitiveness and sustainability of our business.
  • To assure our customers and consumers of the quality of our production processes and the control of our products.

2- To carry out our activities with a sustainable business model providing value, profitability and competitiveness in the medium and long term to achieve results that meet stakeholders’ expectations.

  • To promote the achievement of the Group’s objectives and the making of decisions through responsible practices.
  • To promote a culture of responsible management complying with current legislation and with the control and responsible management of business risks.

3- To adopt an attitude of service to identify, understand and give priority to the needs of internal and external customers with the aim of meeting their needs effectively, anticipating and adding value to their requirements.

  • To guarantee that communications with shareholders, customers, consumers, suppliers, analysts, regulators and other interest groups are transparent and honest.
  • To provide employees with a safe working environment and to maintain and continuously improve occupational risk prevention measures.
  • To achieve a work-life balance for staff, promoting our employees’ personal and professional development.
  • To respect the personal and collective rights of workers.
  • To ensure that the Group’s practices include the proper treatment of information and respect for the principles and rules of free competition and intellectual and industrial property rights.

4- To contribute to better management of natural resources and to care for the environment through energy efficiency, innovation and awareness-raising to minimise the negative environment impacts of our activity.

  • To carry out production activities, minimising the impact on the environment and ensuring protection of the environment.
  • To adopt the best environmental practices.

5- To promote honest conduct among all people making up the Group and interacting with it, encouraging integrity and ethical behaviour.

  • Not to tolerate any kind of discrimination or harassment, forced labour, child labour or any other conduct contravening human rights.
  • To ensure the prevention of any action involving corruption, bribery, money laundering or irregular payments in carrying out our activities, establishing clear guidelines of zero tolerance of this type of conduct.